Licking Heights - Once Upon A Mattress!

Photos by Jordan Steele Photography

To Order Prints, see the instructions below. To see the images, head to the gallery!

Prints are available for all images in the gallery.

If you are interested in prints, send an e-mail to me, Jordan Steele, at Specify which prints you would like, and their sizes and finish type (glossy or lustre). After receiving your order, I will create an invoice and send it to you, which you can then pay via Credit Card or Paypal account through PayPal checkout. Please allow at least one day for invoicing.


Prices are as follows:

4x5 or 4x6" : $3 (order 5-9 of these and get them for $2 each, or $1.50 each for more than 10!)
5x5" or 5x7": $5 (order more than 5 and get them for $3.50 each)
10x10", 8x10 or 8x12": $9(order more than 5 and get them for $7.50 each)
12x12", 10x15" or 11x14": $12
12x18": $15
16x20" $25

Prints can be ordered either Glossy or Lustre (a semi-gloss/matte finish). If you do not specify the print type, I will by default use Lustre finish, which I feel provides a more pleasing and less glarey look to finished photographs.

Shipping costs will range from $3.99 and up, depending on the amount and size of prints. Most small print orders will ship for less than $5. I only charge the shipping cost I incur from the lab. These prints will be real photographic prints, not inkjet prints. The lab I use takes the digital images, which will be carefully color corrected individually prior to ordering, and uses extremely high quality printing equipment to expose light sensitive paper with the digital image. The result is an extremely high quality print with continuous tone and clarity.

Note: if you place a small order, your order may be combined with other orders due to minimum order requirements from my lab. In these cases, there may be a small delay of a few days for your prints. Even in these cases, you should receive your prints no later than one week after payment is made.


I need to know the file name of the photos you are ordering. The easiest way to find out the file name: click the thumbnail image of the picture you would like to see a larger preview. When on that page, the file name will be at the top of the picture, and will be P followed by 7 numbers. You can also look at the address bar. The filename of the photo is in the address bar. See the image below. The part highlighted in blue is the photo file name. Write this number down for each image you'd like to order, and specify the size in your e-mail.



1. I did my best to try and get at least one or two photos of everyone in the cast. If I missed you or your child, I apologize...and I assure you it was not done on purpose.

2. Almost all pictures presented here should make good 8x10 or 8x12" prints, and all should make good 4x6" or 5x7" prints. Most will enlarge well even further. Due to the dim lighting conditions and occasional motion, however, there may be a few images that are not ideal for printing at 8x10 or larger. If you order one of these few shots in a larger size, I will contact you to let you know what I feel the enlarging capabilities are for that photo.

3. You will notice that the pictures have all sorts of different aspect ratios. Some are in a 4:5 ratio (which would make a 4x5 or 8x10 without cropping), others are in a 3:2 ratio (which would make a 4x6 or 8x12 without cropping). Some are square. Others have even wider ratios (like a widescreen TV). When you order a print, I will order it the size that is closest to the aspect ratio of the photo. Some photos may require some cropping or display of parts that have been already cropped out to make it work in the print size you have selected (especially in the widescreen photos). The prints you receive may, therefore, have a little more or a little less of the scene than what you see in the previews. You won't need to worry about this, as I'll take care of it all on my end.

Thanks, and enjoy!